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Parasite cleanses based on Dr. Hulda Clark's recommended herbal remedy have been used by many, many tens-of-thousands of people worldwide for years. While the results claimed are impressive the cleanse is not a "cure all" for everything that ails you. We encourge our customers to research all alternative health care products thoroughly before making a purchase, from us or any retailer.

There are a large number of companies selling a bewilderingly large number of parasite cleanses, each making typical claims of being the best. Many, if not most, are based on variations of Dr. Clark's formula, which means, with few exceptions, they should all produce fairly similar results, depending on the quality of the actual product. Unfortunately, there can be wide variations in quality and a lot of claims that simply can't be verified. Please be careful when making a purchase before researching the product carefully.

We believe in miracles, but we don't sell them. It's easy to make a purchase out of desperation when seriously ill. If you have questions, before, during, or after purchasing from us, please let us know. We do our best to offer reliable information about the products we sell.

Please keep in mind: WE ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS. As such, we are severly restricted on what we can say. We can not offer medical advice in any form or fashion for any reason.
Intestinal Flukes
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